• Preparation of Financial Statements :-

The books of accounts are prepared as per the Indian accounting standards and can also made as per specific business requirements of the clients. We apply a significant amount of our time to learn client business, to understand how precisely we can be of aid to them.

• Review of Accounting systems:-

During the review of accounting systems and internal controls we ascertain that the financial controls are effective. We also ensure that financial statements reliable & compliant with the effective laws and to check whether company assets are adequately protected against fraud.

• Outsourced Accounting Service:-

Outsourcing Accounting Function has proven to be a very productive strategy for businesses all around the world. In India, with our expert Accounting Outsourcing Solutions, We are there serving several industries to face the intense finance and accounting challenges. We have a huge experience in providing Accounting Bookkeeping Services, Which is directly evident in the quality we deliver.

• Others:-

Our services covers all aspects of bookkeeping and accounting that includes Entry of transactions, Journal entry, Ledger accounts, Bank reconciliation, Report & summaries, Trial balance, cash flow statement, Income statement and Balance sheet.