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Four years of GST - the hits and misses

By Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner AMRG & Associates

Depreciating Assets - Look at Multiple Shift, CPP and Component Accounting!

By CA Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner AMRG & Associate

Recent Amendments in Minimum Alternate Tax

By Himanshu Garg, Associate at AMRG & Associates

Insight about Property Attachment under GST Law

By CA Priyanka Sachdeva, Partner & CA Hitesh Batra,

Hurdles in Regard to Refund under Inverted Duty Structure

By CA Priyanka Sachdeva & CA Hitesh Batra  AM

GST on Bitcoin

by CA Rajat Mohan, Senior partner & CA Swati Ghosha

Can Non-Compliance of Suppliers Lead to a Loss of ITC?

by CA Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner, AMRG & Associate

Tax Credit on Goods Destroyed Could Be a Game Changer

by Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner & Priyanka

Secondment of Employees - GST Perspective

by Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner, AMRG & Associa

AAR Changing the Landscape of Transactional Taxation

Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner & Priyanka&nb

Ups & downs of Hospitality Sector – 365 days Focus

by Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner, AMRG & Associates

GST Vices in Retail Shops Which will Reprimand Someone

by Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner & Ms. Priy

Linking E-way Bills with GST Returns

by Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner, & Ms. Pri

Eye Share: How GST is changing India's Business Space

by Mr. Rajat Mohan (Senior Partner, AMRG Associates)

Expected Transformational changes in GSTN

by Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner, AMRG & Associates


by Gaurav Mohan, CEO AMRG & Associates

Indian Economy at Crossroads - An Analysis

by Gaurav Mohan, CEO & Swati Goshal (Partner) AMRG