• Statutory Audit:-

The statutory audit assurance services offered by us are efficiently carried out by our team of qualified and experienced financial experts. The respective finance audit is conducted as per legalized norms and regulations. Our services in this range help our clients in finding out accurate and fair view of financial statements of the organization.

• Tax Audit:-

Auditing the financial statements of an eligible entity in accordance with the provisions of the Income tax laws of India & other relevant laws and providing disclosures through specified formats.

• Ind-AS:-

Indian entity of foreign corporate and medium and large Indian corporate require reporting as per New Indian Accounting Standards (Ind - AS). We carry out extensive reviews and advisory to ensure that the requirements under Indian Accounting Standards are met and provide support through healthy impact analysis mechanism.

• Internal Audit:-

Internal audit services target pinpointing areas of improvement for business houses. We are committed to abide by the defined statutory rules and regulations of internal audit and agreed memorandum of understanding. Our diligent audit team comprises of expert consultants and auditors who advise our clients in everyday transactions that include division of authority over key control areas and compliance with operating policy and guidelines.

• Other Audits:-

Other audit services provided by us include:

1. System & management audit.

2. Concurrent and Income & Expenditure audit.

3. Bank Statutory audit.

4. Stock audit

5. Forensic Audit

6. Due diligence.