• Planning and Advisory:-

We offer tax planning for optimising the overall tax burden, reviewing business transactions and assisting with contract structuring, risk analysis and mitigation strategy viz. EPC contracts, change in ownership / shareholding pattern, secondment arrangements etc.

• Returns:-

We provides the services to corporate, Non-corporate & Individual assesses for computation of income tax as per the provisions of income tax act, 1961 and filing of returns and TDS returns within the Due date as per the provisions.

• Tax Audits:-

Auditing the financial statements of an eligible entity in accordance with the provisions of the Income tax laws of India & other relevant laws and providing disclosures through specified formats.

• Capital gain tax:-

Any change in circumstances that necessitates the disposal of assets can cause exposure to Capital Gain. However, proper planning can greatly reduce this tax liability.

• Compliance And Litigation matters:-

Prevention is better than cure. We understand the law and focus on preparatory compliance through Extensive documentation. Not only have we helped clients reduce litigation, we have also gained respect among the authorities. We have represented clients’ complex and challenging cases and have ensured our best services through all stages of proceedings. We diligently prepare for each case. Our advice comes from decades of combined experience and expertise and therefore each matter is handled with absolute care and attention is given to minute details. Our clients have always been well defended before the judiciary owing to our extremely enabled staff.