Our Professional team has Expertise and Extensive knowledge & experience to help with Various Complex Audits and Reporting Issues involving GAAP, IND- AS, IFRS & US GAAP. We believe in building trust between shareholders and Management.

Our Audits Techniques and Standard procedures reveal a clear picture of the Company Finances which helps Managements to take the necessary steps required to improve the company growth potential and to realize their organizational objectives. Our Satisfied clients encourage us to improve the quality of audits that we deliver continuously.

Our auditing and assurance services includes:-

  • Internal Audit
  • Statutory Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Government Audit
  • Bank Audit
  • Quality Audit
  • Concurrent Audit

Internal audit

Statutory Audit

  • Our Expertise Team has Extensive and valuable experience in providing assurance services under various statutes across various industries for the past several years. This audit is a legally & statutory required review of the accuracy of the Companies Financials records.
  • Assurance services involve carrying out Statutory and Tax Audits for all types of assesses to ensure that audited financial statements present a true and fair view of the Company's financial positions and operational results as per the guidelines issued by the various regulator. Audit reports are prepared strictly as per the rules and regulations issued by ICAI and Companies Act, 2013.

Tax Audit

Government Audit

  • Just like companies and institutions etc. The Government Departments also require an annual audit. Both the Central Government and the State Government need to get their accounts audited.
  • It’s the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG). C&AG duty is to ensure that the financial transactions of the government entities are executed correctly as per laws and have the proper authorization. We are conducting all types of Government Audits for the past several years.

Bank Audit

Quality Audit

  • Running small types of businesses is sometimes complicated and overwhelming when you consider the many duties. Part of managing a successful and effective business involves setting standards for the way the company operates.
  • Effective and only one way to take your business to the "next level" is to perform regular quality audits as per prescribed rules and regulations. Our Expertise team can help you to achieve the same by lending our experienced services.

Concurrent Audit

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